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What are the criteria for evaluating my application?

The content of the entry must be related to migration issues in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Please do first check the Eligibility & Application section for more details on eligibility, topics, sub-topics and geographical limitations. The evaluation will allocate a maximum of 50 out of 150 points to the proposal for a 2nd production and 100 points to the already published story.
The following criteria will amount to 1/3 (50 points) of the total score.

  • For the proposed 2nd production: Clarity and quality of the proposal, relevance of the choice of angle, storytelling approach, potential impact on the target audiences and general public.

The following criteria will amount to 2/3 (100 points) of the total score:

  • 70 points for the journalistic story-telling quality: qualification and balance of sources, accuracy, story angle, newsworthiness, human interest, narrative structure, storytelling, fairness.
  • 20 points for the social-economic and cultural context and media rights, i.e. the difficulties faced by the journalist to tell the story, innovative approach, dissemination and indication of audience reach as well as the economic, political and cultural context in the country of operation.
  • 10 points for the journalistic technical quality (video/radio/online/print): image/sound/structure and editing, illustrations;

How will my application be evaluated?

Initially, each entry’s eligibility will be checked. In case of any missing element the journalist will be informed and allowed to complete his/her application within one week.

Secondly, each eligible entry will be evaluated according to a scoring board based on the above criteria. Please consider that your already published story will be evaluated with 2/3 while the proposal for a 2nd production will be evaluated with 1/3 of all points.

Who will evaluate my application?

An independent panel of judges that will be composed of journalists and members of the media partner of the award, the Open Media Hub (OMH), will evaluate all entries. All members of the OMH are trained journalists.

Based on the results of the judges' evaluation and recommendations, the award scheme’s Steering Group, composed of the award partners, will take the final decisions on the first, second and third prize winners.

Representatives of the panel of judges will also be present at the award ceremony on 22nd June 2017 in Malta.

Who sits on the independent panel of judges?

The composition of the Panel of judges will be publicly announced after having received individual confirmations from each of the panel members.