Luka Hvalc, Maja Ratej, Gašper Andrinek, Anja Hlača Ferjančič, Jan Grilc, Gorazd Rečnik


 Radio category, English, 2nd Prize

Winning entry

Sinisha’s Work (Siniševo delo)

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Radio Slovenia / 22 May, 2018

Next production funded by the Migration Media Award

More than 46,000 workers were posted abroad from Slovenia on the basis of the E101/A1 form in the last year alone and altogether, there were more than 490,000 forms issued. The fact that companies engaging in unfair practices have no trouble obtaining these forms has become controversial. In January, the Transnational Provision of Services Act came into force, which aims to prevent dishonest practices in the field of posted work. Despite this, the people interviewed do not believe that the new act will lead to a major improvement.