Journalists: Annabella Stieren,

Brindusa I. Nastasa;

Editor: Bernhard Riedmann;

Animator: Alexander Epp;

Visual artist: Yara Said


 Multimedia category, English, 2nd Prize

Winning entry

"A long, Long Time Ago, Syria Was Beautiful, My Son”

Published in /on

Der Spiegel / 14 March, 2018

Next production funded by the Migration Media Award

For the future production, Annabella Stieren and Brindusa Natasa would like to look at another journey that most media tend to ignore: The journey back to war-torn countries like Syria or Afghanistan. The IOM reports that there is an ongoing trend of voluntary returns back to Syria from countries such as Germany and the Netherlands. Annabella Stieren wants to document the personal decision process, the motivations and expectations, and wants to give the (failed) integration process a human face that makes audiences relate to the struggles.