Chahreddine Berriah


Print category, French, 3rd Prize

Winning entry

On the God-Forsaken Banks of Wadi Jordi (Maghnia Sur les rives maudites de l’oued Jorgi)

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El Watan Week-end, Algeria / 23 March 2018

Next production funded by the Migration Media Award

«On the Road to Zinder». Thousands of undocumented Sub-Saharan migrants have been repatriated to their home countries. Among them are a group of women and a 15-year-old who lived in Maghnia, the informal Wadi Jordi ghetto on the border

between Algeria and Morocco. Chahreddine Beriah aims to take the same journey of these repatriated migrants and cross the border to meet with his friends at the wadi in Zinder, Niger.