Abdelmo’mn Lawrabi


 Radio Category, Arabic, 2nd Prize

Winning entry

5844 hours on the route to Europe )سرا 5844 ساعة في طريق الوصول إلى أوروبا

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BBC Arabic / May 11, 2018

Next production funded by the Migration Media Award

A documentary that investigates and speaks with youths who wish to migrate to Europe. It asks what they expect to find there, particularly teenagers who have dropped out of school early. It is a contagious culture that has spread rapidly between young people without adequate evaluation or examination. It plants hopelessness in the souls of young people, making them hate living in the South Mediterranean countries. This is what I noticed while telling Samir’s story. Such a widespread culture made Samir and his friend endure the hardship and risk of traveling for eight months to reach Europe.