Mahmoud Alkhawaga


 Video Category, Arabic, 2nd Prize tie

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Christians of Beit Sahour in Palestine )مسيحيو بيت ساحور في فلسطين(

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BBC Extra

Next production funded by the Migration Media Award

There is an increasing focus on the issue of the Christian presence in Occupied Jerusalem. While the percentage of Christians in the city currently stands at 3%, mid-twentieth century statistics indicate that they represented half of the city’s population prior to the establishment of Israel in 1948. One main reason is the decrease in Christian birthrates; however, migration also plays a significant role as a result of the economic and political conditions the occupied city and old town face. This TV story will tackle more than one perspective, including a young man or woman, or perhaps a family, who wants to migrate, or processes the necessary applications. Due to the sensitive nature of the issue, the identity of the subjects may not be revealed. This perspective will enable us to identify the primary factors driving migration.