Bemdad Ismaili


 Video Category, Arabic, 3rd Prize tie

Winning entry

Cooking for the displaced in Germany is exactly what the Afghan refugee Maysam Rahmani does. What drives him to do so? )الطهي للمشردين في ألمانيا هو تماما ما يقوم به اللاجئ الأفغاني ميسم رحماني. فما الذي يدفعه للقيام بذلك؟(

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Next production funded by the Migration Media Award

Photography of Maysam’s story. Despite his work that we featured in his first video, he still faces difficulties in Germany. An unknown future is one of those issues, due to problems with his professional training. He is marginalized by his colleagues in the professional training. This video will show him in his home, at work, and engaged in volunteer work. In this video, we refer to the challenges encountered by refugees in Germany.